The Marscoin Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to support the mission of Marscoin

Marscoin explores the idea of leveraging the power of a peer-to-peer, distributed open cryptocurrency to incentivize space exploration.

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What we do

  • Maintaining Marscoin

    Our international team of volunteers maintains the Marscoin code

  • Award Winning

    We present and explore the ideas of cryptocurrency and space exploration

  • Creative Thinking

    We explore new ideas that will incentivize space exploration and develop cryptocurrencies for the space age

Meet (part of) the team

  • Lennart Lopin

    24/7 coder, space fanatic, renaissance man, MarsOne candidate - all wrapt in one.

  • Imho Ru

    sysadmin, IT guru, Marscoin co-founder

  • Philipp Puaschunder

    Austrian (country and economics), Mathematician && genius

  • Jay Delagrange

    Cryptocurrency revolutionary, crypto-industry visionary

  • Heidi Hecht

    MarsOne candidate, editor-in-Chief, sci-fi author, coder and crypto-champion

  • Paul Verstegen

    Inventor, physicist, arduino-hacker and Marscoin pioneer

  • Oscar Mathews Correa

    MarsOne candidate, Nuclear Engineer, Navy Reserve Flight Test Engineer, civilian pilot

  • Ramsey Kropp

    Chemical engineer, inventor, CTO of 5gensolutions

and many more...

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If you are interested in joining our developer team or if you have ideas how we can further the cause of human space exploration utilizing the power of cryptocurrency technology, drop us a line.

The Marscoin Foundation, Inc.
6208 Clark Center Ave
Sarasota, FL 34238
P: (941) 587 1004
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